Yi-Ching Sungシズカ・ソウ
Formerly with the Box Team (Dow Jones & The WSJ) and Case Agency, Yi-Ching is a multi-disciplinary creator at Invisible North. Concept-driven and research-based, she loves exploring all kinds of experiential + experimental mediums. 


The Green-Wood Historic Fndn.

Year: 2019—2023

Collaborating with The Green-Wood Historic Foundation in Brooklyn, NY, involved contributing visual design expertise. This encompassed the creation of exhibition graphics and collateral to support the foundation, artists, and the local community.

Pandora: NYFW

Year: 2023

Enter the enchanting realm of Pandora and experience the future of glamour. The NYFW 2023 launch event metamorphosed Pandora into a cultural phenomenon, redefining tradition and encouraging everyone to embrace everyday elegance through the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds.

CD: Andrea Velazquez 
GD: Yi-Ching Sung, Tamar Najarian, Mariam Elasser 
Physical / Environmental Design: Ian Taylar
Production: Reed Whitney, Vanessa Rojas-Castillo, Maria Elena Lopez-Frank 
Account: Leah Lopez

Gatorade: Playoff Fan Central

Year: 2023

Collaborated on an experiential design with Gatorade for the College Playoff Fan Central, hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Introduced Gatorade Fit through an engaging educational experience with gamification elements.

CD: Michi Ohira
Visual Design and AD: Yi-Ching Sung 
Physical / Environmental Design: Julia Morris 
Production: Kristen Meyer 
Account: Leah Lopez, Christine Nham

Klarna: Oasis

Year: 2022

Embark on a mission-driven journey with Klarna guiding D2C brands toward a cause. Infusing human touch into design, we draw inspiration from California's natural beauty and mid-century modern prints, crafting a vibrant visual system and transforming the Oasis into a guilt-free shopping escape.

CD: Michi Ohira
Visual Design: Yi-Ching Sung, Clair Chen
Physical / Environmental Design: Coleman Butts 
Strategy: Greg Weber 
Production: Alexa Mosano, Kristen Meyer 
Account: Josh Kitts, Christine Nham 
Content: Dennis Kim, Vivian Kim

Vimeo: Outside The Frame

Year: 2022

From shower thoughts to collaborative breakthroughs, our behind-the-scenes marketing journey leads to a polished product on both stage and screen. Clean typography, in deliberate contrast to the chaos, underscores clear messaging without distraction. The lock-up serves as the definitive sign-off stamp for our marketers.
Visual Design & AD: Yi-Ching Sung, Rose Bacon 
Motion Graphic: Beth Wexler 
Strategy: Hall Carlough, Drew Ross,
Copy: Nana Kim
Production: Amanda Murry 
Account: Leah Lopez, Gus O'Sullivan

Bumble: City Guides

Year: 2021

Bumble ignites a dating revival, urging bold love moves. City-wide OOH, street promos, and Bumble Guides amplify love through exclusive events, curated spots, and Fever sweepstakes, signaling a post-2020 era.
CD: Kate Machtiger
Visual Design: Yi-Ching Sung 
Strategy & Copy Writing: Andrea Velazquez
Copy Writing: Na Hyon Kim; Justin Cahill 
Produciton: David Jacobson, Alexa Masano, Sarah Bross, Ellen DiStefano 
Account: Nomi Leasure 
Content Capture: Kodi Najm
Dev Team: Cognition

Death of Classical

Year: 2021

Transforming classical music and opera, Death of Classical emphasizes unique concerts, diverse audiences, and spotlighting underrepresented voices. The redesign draws inspiration from gravestone aesthetics, creatively exploring the paradox of 'the death of classical music' using typefaces like Sneaky Times, Restora, and AUTHENTIC Sans.

Netflix: The Prom

Year: 2020

To herald the release of Ryan Murphy's film, 'The Prom,' on Netflix, a virtual prom was orchestrated to celebrate inclusivity and accessible to a global audience at the close of 2020.

CD: Vanessa Noritz 
AD: Kate Machtiger 
Experiential Design: Markus Boynton 
Graphic Design: Yi-Ching Sung 
Motion Graphic: John Waddington 
Content: Nariman Hamed 
Account: Emily Dondero 
Production: Reed Whitney, Sarah Bross

Netflix: The Irishman

Year: 2019

For 'The Irishman,' Netflix showcased an 8-page 1975 newspaper post-Hoffa's disappearance. Inspired by New York Daily News, the design fused photo-heavy layouts with anachronistic typography—Florian Karsten's Screamer, Distressed Futura, ParaType's SchoolBook.

Press  — Fonts In Use; ABC News; TimeOut; The Gothamist; EventMarketer; New York Times
CD: Vanessa Noritz 
Graphic Design: Ryan Heape; Yi-Ching Sung 
Experiential  Design: Adriana Noritz; Monica Ruma 
Creative Technogy: Pablo Gnecoo 
Copywriting: Justin Cahill; Na Hyon Kim 
Production: David Jacobson, Rachael Honigman, Tara Hercus

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