Amazon Studios:
Museum of Modern Love

Environmental / Editorial / Digital Design

Celebrating the launch of the television web series “Modern Love” — an original based on the weekly column published by The New York Times — Amazon created the Museum of Modern Love (MoML). The interactive pop-up featured immersive installations inspired by eight true love stories from the series.

Taking cues from the graphic system of MTA and the visual language of newspapers, the event identity is characterized by  typographical chromostereopsis. The voice of the font faces helped create light and warm visuals throughout the experience.

Recognition: AdWeek; EventMarketer; BIZBASH

*The design was completed at Invisible North. All rights reserved to Invisible North and the client.

CD: Vanessa Noritz
Graphic Designer: Yi-Ching Sung
Junior Experiential Designer: Adriana Noritz
Copy Writer: Justin Cahill; Nana Kim