City Takeover | NYC

Environmental Graphic/Collateral Design 

My bodega could be our bodega.  

As one of the City Takeover series for Bumble, the pop-up Bumble Bodegas were being built in NYC (West Village and Williamsburg) to show the love between a New Yorker and their bodega.
        In this activation, we handed out free breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and branded Bumble reusable shopper bags to anyone with a Bumble profile and encouraged meeting new people on Bumble.

Press — BizBash

◡̈ The design was completed at Invisible North. All rights reserved to Invisible North and the client.

CD: Vanessa Noritz
Visual Design: Yi-Ching Sung
Copywriting: Na Hyon Kim
Account: Nomi Leasure
Produciton: David Jacobson, Alexa Masano, Sarah Bross