Dow Jones:

Digital Design

As the leading American publishing and financial information firm, Dow Jones has more than 4,000 employees. To aggregate people in the company and create an amicable working culture, Dow Jones wanted an internal microsite for all of their employees to access. The core idea of the site was to evoke and enhance team sentiment among employees and also provide a hub for people to link external sites.
        Despite the professional orientation that Dow Jones delivers to the public, I created the design with vibrant colors and color blocks to demonstrate the united but lively working culture at Dow Jones. By avoiding the use of uppercase for headings and subheadings, membership feels warm and stands out from PIB comms.

◡̈ The design was created at The Box (Hogarth Worldwide). All rights reserved to The Box (Hogarth Worldwide) and the client.

Design: Yi-Ching Sung
Dev: Sang Min Shin, Michael Beaujean