Yi-Ching Sung is a designer operating within the fields of visual communications, interactive experience and fine arts. This versatile designer has been involved in many creative endeavors, including visual design, installation, interactive art and space production. She embraces the evolving aspect of design and minds design as a practice of inquiry to intellectual challenges and complex problems. Works with/for a diverse range of clients, Yi-Ching focuses on creating provocative and conceptual works through editorial design, branding, illustration, and environmental design with all kinds of experimental + technological mediums.
        Yi-Ching holds an MFA degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute (NY), MFA in Printmaking from Taipei National University of the Arts (Taiwan), and a BFA in Fine Arts (minor in Art Education) from National Kaohsiung Normal University (Taiwan).

Selected Clients: 

        →American Express   
        →Bric Arts & Media Org.
        →Dow Jones
        →Deutsche Bank
        →Financial News London
        →Gap Inc.
        →Johnson & Johnson
        →Pepsi Co.
        →Propel Water
        →Rockefeller Center
        →Summer Fridays
        →The WSJ
        →The Green-Wood Historic Fund
        →Under Armour
        →Uber Eats
        →Warner Music


↪ resume and design dossier upon request — itisyichingsung [at] gmail.com
↪ peek part of the meanings of “Yi” & “Ching” here and here
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